Academic Facility

Academic Facility

Bay University Lab

Well-equipped labs for Chemistry, Biology & Physics are prepared for student education. Local secondary schools also visit our labs to expose their students to the scientific equipment available at BU. Among the items in the biology lab is the LCD microscope pictured here. This microscope can also connect to a projector for the class to share the view of microscopic samples and their features on the wide screen.


Computer Lab

We have well established, superb, state-of the-art largest computer lab comprising more than 100 Pentium-Iv computers and accessing the extensive learning resources of the internet which are easy and convenient.  It’s our policy to encourage students to develop useful computer skills whenever possible.

Lecture Rooms

The  has spacious lecture-theaters matching the need of the current students embedded with commodious examination hall and conference room.

Library/ Archives

Library serves as a resource Centre for scholars, researchers and trend setters particularly of alumni of the Bay University. Library plays vital role in the academic life of institution of higher learning.  The library collections support every branch of knowledge. These facilities engage students for sharpening their creative abilities Development of academic culture and interactive learning. The Bay University campus has its well stocked library facility, piled with latest editions of text books, references books.


Library Rules

The students can avail the library facilities by obtaining library membership free of charge one book will be issued to a student for seven days. A fine of $10 will be charged per day after 7th day of issue. In case of library card is lost the duplicate card will be issued on payment of $10.