About Us

Bay University was established on 5th April 2013 by Jibril Mohamud Aden as a higher learning institution to foster academic excellence and nature talents.

The aftermath of Somalia’s long running conflicts which lasted more than two decades have destroyed the country’s asset including education infrastructures throughout the country. The prolonged civil conflicts in Somalia have fostered a lost generation that has no experience of a kind of effective government and poor access to basic social services particularly education and employment opportunities, which led Somalia to be in the last position in the world’s ranking in terms of education.

Research conducted in Somalia have indicated that every ten school-going children only four have got access to good education as the focus of these research was of children aged between 6-12 years, the school going ratio is much lower at Southwest State of Somalia where some of its areas have no even elementary education at all.

Because of lack of functional government in Somalia, the educational and health infrastructure have completely collapsed. There was a need to help the community and create an institution that could transform and improve the quality of education hence Jibril Mohamud Aden established this great institution with the full support of the Southwest State regional administration, the local Authority, traditional elders, religion leaders and the community at large.